Welcome to Bresfilms41!

Hi, I'm Bre, and I've never been much good at describing myself. I'm a part time philosopher and a full-time old soul, and by trade I'm a freelance film historian and professional 60s/70s music enthusiast. Bresfilms41 comes from my Letterboxd username, which was created at the one time in my life I messed up the year Casablanca came out, putting 41 instead of 42. It stuck, and I began actively writing and participating in the classic film and music communities, creating this blog to supplement my Letterboxd. As I studied and wrote about those films and the music I loved, I found it changed the way I was watching and listening to everything, from more recent films to television, and from my favorite albums to ones I had never heard. I started to explore a lot more in the movies and records I watched and reviewed, and wanted to change the scope of my blog to reflect the wider scope of study I undertook in looking at the way art works and influences us.

Follow me on Letterboxd and Twitter @bresfilms41, for more frequent reviews. Inquiries can be sent to bresfilms41@gmail.com.

I am the former owner, creator, and producer of Blogie & Bacall film blog, so noted pieces are republications. 

I do not own any images that appear on this blog, unless otherwise noted.